A 15-point checklist to help you find that perfect construction partner

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Trawling through the internet, there are numerous sites devoted to helping you find the right builder. As we are proud of our track record in this area, we thought we would distill these into the key pointers below and would be happy to discuss any aspects of these with prospective clients.

1. Make sure that a free written quotation is provided.
2. Insist on viewing insurance documentation, especially Public Liability insurance and note that this is mentioned and reflected in the quotation
3. Ask to see what Health and Safety programmes have been implemented in the past 6 months
4. Always determine whether there is a guarantee and for what timescale is this applicable.
5. Request to see a VAT number and make a point of ensuring that VAT is displayed on the quotation.
6. Determine who does the work. Will it be the builder you have been discussing the project with or a sub-contractor?
7. If a sub contractor is to be involved, insist on seeing his work, testimonials and arrange a meeting with him and the builder you have discussed the project with.
8. Evaluate whether the builder or sub contractor will be on site for the duration of the project.
9. Ensure that there is a project start date displayed on the quotation.
10. Ask the builder for an estimate of how long the project will take.
11. Make sure that there is transparency on the quotation regarding who is responsible for the procurement and provision of the materials e.g. for a kitchen refit the appliances may be purchased by the client and installed by the builder.
12. Ensure that the quotation states that all waste materials will be removed from site
13. A commitment from the builder on the quotation that the house will be left clean and tidy every evening is crucial.
14. The quotation should provide a timeline for payments and outline the agreed procedures and methods through which payment should be made.
15. Insist on signed receipts for all payments made.

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