Magdalena Szymanska
Creative Director

Magdalena joined forces with Ed & Gent in early 2014 to launch Focus Creative, the Interior Design & Furnishing wing of the Group. She is responsible for managing all design projects from start to finish, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Magdalena has nearly 10 years’ experience working with high end interior design projects based in the UK, Dubai, Nigeria, Italy and around the world. This broad experience in sophisticated residential and commercial spaces has inspired her to create a seamless process of interior design: amazing quality products, excellent delivery, perfect installations created by a brilliant construction and design team.

Focus Creative works closely in tandem with Focus Building Solutions and Magdalena ensures that clients are provided with the best turnkey experience, enriched with a thorough knowledge of the interior furnishing market and the professional background of all people involved in the company. The result of this combination is the construction of great spaces, fantastic quality solutions at best value.

Magdalena displays a constant determination and devotion to nurturing and growing the Focus Creative brand. She demonstrates a strength and intent to constantly identify and build solid and privileged partnerships with the best European suppliers, particularly with an emphasis on the area of Italian design.

Away from work her interests are running and boxing. She also loves travelling, but design is never far from her mind and she is always on the lookout on her travels for great and inspiring ideas and on the hunt for the best suppliers for our clients.